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About Jewellery Connection

Jewellery Connection is an independent Jewellery Store owned and operated by David Odishaw G.G. (GIA).  Opening in September of 1986, the store was subsequently purchased by David in September of 1989.  By then, David had already earned his Jewellery Design Certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and went on to study Gemology, finally earning his Graduate Gemologist Diploma in June of 1998.  Many changes have come and gone in the industry since those days but doing our very best to provide quality products, the best possible service, and the security of purchasing from a familiar and friendly face has never changed.

Goldsmithing / Watchmaking Basics

Goldsmithing and WatchmakingWe offer a 5 days basic goldsmith repair service as well as a basic watchmaking service.

The most common Goldsmith services include ring sizing, ring shank repair, claw repair, 1/2 shanks (building up the bottom of a very worn ring), soldering 2-3 rings together, chain solders and clasp replacement. A goldsmith can work on precious metals only, Sterling Silver (925), Karat Gold, Platinum (950), or 18KP (Palladium). As popular as Steel, Cobalt, Tungsten and other new contemporary metals are, they cannot be sized or fixed by a goldsmith.

Most 10K, 14K, 18K white gold comes from the manufacturer with a Rhodium plating on it. The Rhodium plating offers the customer that crisp bright silver finish. The only drawback is that over time, since it is only a plating, it will wear off and show the true color of the "white" gold underneath. Most Canadian manufacturers have refined this process so that it is barely noticeable from the Rhodium factory finish. However, we do see instances when people have made purchases abroad and the "white" gold has a distinctly yellow tinge to it.

We strongly encourage our customers to be very careful when contemplating a large jewellery purchase either from overseas or the internet. Very few people have enough gemstone, diamonds, metals, or manufacturing knowledge to ensure that they are actually getting what they are paying for and it will last for years without workmanship issues. We have many people come in to size or (already) fix, their new purchases only to have to inform them that our goldsmith can't do the work because the item was not properly built in the first place and will completely come apart if he takes his torch to it. Sometimes people have spent thousands of dollars on their new treasures only to hear this awful news. It breaks my heart for people to end up with such a bad experience when it could be avoided. The benefit of making a purchase from your local jeweller is that IF you end up having issues requiring warranty work - we are here and available any time to ensure your satisfaction and help solve any issues.

Watchsmithing or watchmaking is truly a dying art. There are so many different brands of watches available - many of which are very inexpensive that it is near-impossible, even for our watchsmith, to keep and supply parts for them all. We offer in-store batter replacement and, when possible, watch bracelet sizing. The batteries or bracelets or watch crystals that we can't fix or replace in store, we can send to our Watchsmith and have done for you - usually within a week or so.


David Odishaw, owner and operator of Jewellery Connection, can do in-house appraisals for insurance purposes. He obtained his Graduate Gemology Degree through the world renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Normally, we can do appraisals on Jewellery items the same or the next day. Appraisals come in 2 distinct formats - Insurance Replacement Value, or Cash Value.

Insurance replacement value appraisals

Insurance replacement value appraisals will provide you with a description of the item, it's metal content, and a list of the stones (if any) along with their qualities. The VALUE attached to this type of appraisal is meant to provide you with a means of replacing the item(s) through your insurance company should they be lost or stolen.

Cash Value appraisals

Cash Value appraisals are meant for someone (possibly an estate) who wants to know what their items are worth if they were to SELL them on that day to an interested 3rd party. This value is a fraction of the Insurance replacement value for many reasons. First, depreciation; second, wear and tear. Jewellery is NOT an investment unless you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase very specific, very rare, collectible items. It is a treasure to be enjoyed and respected and hopefully passed down to future generations.

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